Plugmatter Affiliate Program

Interested to make money with Plugmatter? Well, with our affiliate program, you can earn up to 50% commission on each sale you bring to us. Sign-up and earn 50% per sale.

Email us at [email protected] with subject "Affiliate Sign Up"

Frequently Asked Questions

How does our Affiliate Program work?

Well, just like all the other affiliate programs work. We'll provide you with our Affiliate Kit that includes affiliate link, banners, buttons, etc. to help you advertise our plugin.

How does the payment work?

Feature Box Plugin: As of now, we’re going to make the payment via PayPal. We pay every 45 days considering the fact that we have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Premium WordPress Support: For now, we’re going to pay our affiliates after 60 days of getting a subscriber via PayPal.

How to track your sales, payments?

You can track your payments via your affiliate account on our affiliate software – The payments in our software get updated on real-time basis, so you can track your payments, sales as per your convenience.

Why Sign-up for our Affiliate Program?

Plugmatter Affiliate Program has been designed to help affiliate marketers make money. Here’s why we think you can choose our program:

  • You can earn the highest commission paid in the WordPress support industry by joining our service’s affiliate program.
  • Being our affiliate helps you build and maintain good reputation
  • Being our affiliate means your reputation as a good affiliate is maintained high since we always strive for our customers’ satisfaction.

If we need anything else to maintain your WP site, we’d let you know.