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Are you...

A Frustrated Do-it-Yourselfer?

Do you spend hours upon hours trying to take care of a minor WordPress tweak or fix on your website? Many WordPress users — who struggle to grow their business — often spend hours into trying to do simple fixes on their WordPress sites due to a lack of expertise. Right from searching on Google to digging through Stackoverflow and WordPress forums, they waste their valuable time that could easily be spent on growing their business.

Tired of Freelancers?

Do you deal with or depend on the so-called WP experts or ‘freelancers’ for your site? Then you should know that these freelancers are not only difficult to find, but are also highly challenging to work with. Not just that, they’re known to charge a hefty price for a minor design change or development help. No wonder most of the successful online businesses have a professional development team on standby — 24/7.

A Panicked Site Owner?

Ever tried opening your WP site only to realize that it is down for an unknown, alien reason? You’re not alone. A sudden website crash or a crazy hack could make you or any WordPress site owner panic. And it’s in moments like these… you wish you had access to a reliable expert who could help you get out of the mess.

A Serious Business Owner?

Do you treat your business as your number one priority? There are hundreds of thousands of serious online business owners like you who wish they could work with peace of mind — while their website is taken care of by the professionals who are there for you when you need.


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Who We are?

Plugmatter is a leading WordPress plugin studio. Our experience in building successful WordPress plugins means that we understand the challenges you face in managing and running a WordPress site.

Over the years, our plugin business has enabled us to work with some of the top professionals like public speakers, coaches, consultants, bloggers, etc. across niches and manage their WordPress sites. Our service helps these professionals with limited technical expertise / access to developers have a top-notch site, always - without any hassles - empowering them to focus more on growing their business.

Some of our popular plugins Optin Feature Box and Document Importer has been featured 0n :


After working with thousands of WordPress users and resolving a ton of issues — here’s our proven system for WordPress site maintenance

Onboarding Process

Design Analysis

First off, we start by analyzing your website design. Here, we figure if there are any broken design issues, if it’s mobile responsive or not, and several other things. Doing this not only improves the user experience, but also ensures there is no unprofessional feel to the site.

Security Analysis

Most WordPress users think website security is overrated, until their website gets hacked and they lose the data. First, we analyze if there are security issues on your website, then we put our 24/7 security monitoring and regular malware scan in place.

Plugin optimization

We analyze all your plugins to understand if there are any other plugins that are more appropriate for your business needs. This helps in getting rid of any un-optimized and plugins that are not in use.

Performance Analysis

The second step is to work on performance analysis for your WordPress site. This involves optimizing everything from website speed to plugins / themes. We optimize everything and anything that can be optimized to make the site faster, better for the users.

Marketing-Friendliness Analysis

From setting up Google Analytics to doing on-page optimization and suggesting the best subscription plugins, in this step, we do everything necessary to make your website more marketing friendly. Not only does it increases the driving more search engine traffic, but also boosts the conversion rate.

Staging Environment Setup

We set up a staging version or a copy of your website on a subdomain. And use it to test any changes to your website before committing it to your live site. This helps avoid any downtime on your main site.

Ongoing Process

Proactive Support

Website Performance Optimization

We constantly work towards optimizing your site’s load-time, accessibility, caching, and a lot more to ensure best performance of your site, always.

Daily Cloud Backup

We take daily cloud based backups of your entire site and store your files, images, and database in Amazon's safe cloud storage. This ensures full protection to your data and enables quick recovery in an unfortunate instance of a server crash or even an attack on your site.

Careful WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates

Be it your WordPress core, plugins, or themes; our experts will upgrade them, with care and thorough tests, every time a new version is released. This not only ensures your site always remains up-to-date but also helps keep it secure.

Security Monitoring & Malware Detection

With the most popular security monitoring tool - Sucuri, by our side, your site is never out of the radar. What’s more, if anything suspicious is detected, our on-guard experts take the charge immediately.

Reactive Support

Quick Fixes & Small Jobs

With our service, you get enough support incidents for quick fixes and small development jobs.

Bigger Design and Development Tasks

Need a landing page designed, a plugin developed or any other major design / development job done? Simply contact us with your requirements and we’ll give you a time estimate needed to finish the job. You’ll be billed based on the hourly-rates applicable to your subscription plan.

Plugin Consultation

We provide expert plugin consultation / recommendation so that you always have an optimized set of plugins that are compatible with your WordPress theme and other plugins, while complimenting your business goals.

Instant Crash Recovery

With us on your side, website crash is a remote possibility, but if at all it happens, our monitoring system allows us to quickly get onto it. We even coordinate with your server admins if the crash is from their side.


Client Testimonials


Real people that genuinely care and help you with your WordPress site.

Akram Quraishi

Co-founder & Chief

Syed Naimath

Co-founder & Operations


Developer & UI Expert


Developer & Support


Sales Lead


Sales Prospector





Abdul Aziz









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Ideal For
Size / Type of SitesSolopreneurs, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants etc.For Growth phase websites
Sites1 domain / 1 WP Installation1 domain / 1 WP Installation
Quick Fixes & Small Jobs (30 Mins)UnlimitedUnlimited
Bigger Design & Development TasksChargeableChargeable
Plugin Consulting
Website Supercharged on Sign Up
Careful WordPress Core Updates
Careful Plugin Updates
Secure Offsite Backups
Monthly Security Scan
Uptime Monitoring
Basic Marketing
  • Posts / pages SEO score on Yoast
  • Adding meta titles / descriptions
  • Help with Keyword research
  • Post publishing SEO checklist
  • Content optimization / edits (chargeable)
Email Marketing
  • Email campaign setup
  • Automation / sequence setup
  • Integrations with other tools and platforms
  • List management and segmentation
SEO Reports
  • Google Webmaster Tool monitoring / monthly report for SEO
  • Google Analytics monitoring / monthly report for SEO
  • Monthly SEO Suggestions and Recommendations
Conversion Optimization
  • Heatmaps Setup / Monitoring
  • Running a/b testings
  • Events tracking
  • Google analytics monitoring and webmaster analysis
  • Optimizing optin-boxes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who maintains my WordPress Site?

We have a team of professional WordPress developers and experts with years of experience to take care of your site. The same team that's behind the popular WordPress plugins - Optin Feature Box, Document Importer and Pricing Table. In fact, we are the only service that's backed by years of real-time WordPress support experience

Does it matter where my WordPress site is hosted?

No, not at all. It absolutely does not matter where your site is hosted. We are happy to coordinate with any hosting provider to maintain your WordPress site.

What if a job takes more than 30 minutes for an incident?

We are happy to spend a few more grace minutes if required. However, if an incident takes significantly more time to resolve, then that counts as one more incident.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime and we won't charge you again. However, once the payment is made, due to our ongoing service expenses, payment will not be refunded.

Can I upgrade my plan later?

You sure can! And once you're ready to get more out of our Premium WordPress Support, you can easily upgrade to a Higher Plan. Just send us an email and we will help you through it.

What will the reports include?

Our aim is to ready your website for full maintenance during this period and give you a basic understanding of where it lacks. Which is why each of our reports will give you specific actionable insights and recommendations custom tailored for your website in order to supercharge it.

What do you need from me after I subscribe?

Not much. Once subscribed to our service, we would need the following few details from you:

  • Hosting /Server Login Details
  • WordPress Login Details

If we need anything else to maintain your WordPress site, we'd let you know :)

Will I be entering into a long term contract?

No, you would not be entering into a long-term contract or commitment. Therefore, we only have a monthly subscription that you can cancel any time. But we're sure the benefits that you would get out of our service would make you stick around for long.

What if I need help with a huge development task like plugin / theme development?

Sure, we do all types of WordPress development work, chargeable on an hourly basis based on your plan.

Note: The hourly rates are specially discounted for you compared to our original charges for non-subscribers.

Would I know how much work you did on my WordPress site in a month?

We like to stay accountable to our clients, which is why you would receive a detailed report at the end of each month. We'll have a maintenance log where all our activity in relation to your website will be recorded so that you can refer back to it whenever needed.

What will be the average turnaround time?

The first response time will be 30 minutes or less. One of our engineer will get back to you for the briefing about the task. Then it would be assigned to a specific WordPress expert for utmost personal attention. The turnaround time depends on the job, which will be between 1 to 5 hours. We'll make sure you receive regular updates about the progress.

Is your WordPress Support service right for me?

If you believe in putting your time to best use, and want to avoid spending hours upon hours trying to fix small issues on your WordPress site OR outsourcing them to unreliable freelance developers, then our WordPress Support Service is not only right for you — it is exactly what you need.

How do we define 24/7 ?

We only take up urgent and emergency issues on weekends. Rest everything else can wait.