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How to Place a Particular Feature Box on a Specific Page

To place a particular feature box on a specific page, simply go to our widget in the Editor of the page or post you'd like to enable it on:From the wi...

How to Add Custom CSS Code to Your Feature Box Template

With our Custom CSS feature, you can make almost every kind of CSS change to your feature box. From fixing responsiveness to matching the feature box ...

How to Disable Feature Box on All the Pages Except a One or Two Pages

You can disable the feature box on all pages except one or two that you'd want to have it on. This can be done in two simple steps:Step 1: Disable fro...

Define "Site" for Site License

When we say Site License, we mean, for one website. A single site license means that you can use the Optin Feature Box plugin ONLY on one website at a...

Can I Add a Name Field (or any other field) to the Feature Box templates?

Honestly, we would have loved giving you an option to add a name field or any other fields to feature box templates. But unfortunately, there isn't an...